Podcast: Samurai Beat Radio Panel at New York Anime Festival (Part I)

Konnichiwa! SBR had our panel “Opportunities & Obstacles for Japanese Music in the U.S. Market” this past September at the New York Anime Festival. We had David Hou, Hayden Brereton, and Keiko Shibata come on by to talk about a variety of topics regarding Japanese music in general. We gave away a number of goodie bags to the audience. The turnout for our panel was HUGE and we also gave away three copies of  “The Otaku Encyclopedia” to three lucky fans via raffle.

If you missed our panel, you can download Part I of of our podcast above and listen to what all our panelists had to say! Overall, the event was a tremendous success!

Check out some of the pictures we took from the panel!

All photos were taken by Romi Uchikawa.

SBR would like to thank David, Hayden, & Keiko for being wonderful guests. We also would like to thank the SBR staff & volunteers for promoting the event throughout New York Anime Festival (who we also thank as well for letting us do the panel). Finally, we like to thank the fans for showing your support by attending our panel!
We’ll have Part II up shortly, so stick around!


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