Samurai Beat Radio Panelist Information & Bios for NYAF!

Hey fans, SBR would like to give you guys a taste of what to expect from our upcoming panel, “Opportunities and Obstacles for Japanese Music in the U.S. Market”. So without further ado, here’s information about our three panelists who will be taking part in this panel.

David Hou is responsible for’s marketing, public relations, and audience development. Prior to DramaFever, David was a senior executive at social networking startup Mixr Media, best known for its Asian entertainment site Prior to that, David worked in film productions that premiered at prestigious film festivals such as Sundance (“Concerto” world premiere), Berlin (“The Exploding Girl” world premiere) and Tribeca (“The Exploding Girl” North American premiere). Prior to that, David worked at Japan Society in the Film Program during the creation of Japan Cuts, which is now North America’s premiere festival of contemporary Japanese films. David returned to Japan Society in 2009 to host the KRAZY! Cosplay Contest, held in conjunction with KRAZY!, New York’s first major exhibition featuring the Japanese phenomenon of anime, manga, and video games.
DramaFever Website:

As the co-founder of Karaterice, Hayden Brereton has played a very active role in assisting both international and local artists. He has organized, produced and promoted numerous events featuring a diverse selection of major and underground Japanese artists including Grapevine, Miho Hatori, Peelander-Z, The Spunks, The Captains, and Zan. As an event producer, Hayden is constantly working on presenting pushing the limits of the live music experience with the goal of introducing new and exciting music to audiences. Hayden is currently organizing the Far East To East Showcase, which is in its 2nd year, and recently launched a new production company: Superglorious. His goal is to open up new channels for a diverse array of artists to shine.
Hayden’s Website:

Keiko Shibata is the Senior Manager of Corporate Communications for Sony Music Entertainment Japan (SMEJ). Keiko joined the company in 1999, starting from International Business Affairs Department with a responsibility of international contractual issues, negotiations with oversea business partners and artists. In 2005, Keiko developed her career by joining Sony Music Japan International Label and played a key role as a publicist in marketing and promoting Sony’s stellar roster of artists that include Destiny’s Child, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Aerosmith, Billy Joel, The Offspring, Shakira, & Oasis. In 2007, she became a product manager for Sony’s international acts and was then transferred to the NY office. She is now representing all SMEJ acts in US for their marketing/releasing of their albums in North America. SMEJ’s successful artists in the US includes, but not limited to, Puffy Ami Yumi, KODO, DJ Krush, L’Arc~en~Ciel, and Polysics.
Sony Music Entertainment Japan Website:

Join us at N
YAF on Saturday, Sept. 26 at Panel Room 3, 1A22 for a lively and serious discussion about the state of Japanese music in America! Not only that, we’ll be giving away FREE goodies as well! We’ll be back with more information on what we’re giving away! See ya soon!


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