Samurai Beat Radio Panel at New York Anime Festival 2009!

Hey fans, SBR would like to announce that it will have a panel at this year’s New York Anime Festival! Our panel will take place on Saturday, September 26, 2009 from 1:30PM to 2:15PM. It will be entitled “Japanese Music in the U.S. Market”. We will be located at Panel Room 3, 1A22. 

SBR will have 3 special panelists aboard to discuss the state of Japanese music: David Hou (Creator of DramaFever), Hayden Brereton (DJ who specializes in Japanese music), and Keiko Shibata (Sony Music Representative).

We also will be having FREE giveaways (t-shirts, sweets, etc.). Stay tuned for more information!!!!!

For those not in the know, SBR was also there last year for NYAF 2008. You can click here to check out the panel, “History of J-Music” with featured band “Falsies on Heat”, we did and pictures from last year’s NYAF!


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