Podcast: Tony Yao’s Interview with Mai Kawamura

Hey, guys, Tony Yao here. I got a chance to sit down & talk with Mai Kawamura after her performance at the NYC Japan Fair.  She was an absolute blast to talk to. Mai spoke to me about a variety of topics like how she got into music, her favorite artists, why moved to NYC, and her upcoming new album coming out this Fall. I hope everyone enjoys this interview!

Here are some pictures from her performance if you missed it. She had a great performance!

All photos were taken by Tony Yao.

You can find out more information on Mai Kawamura at:
http://www.maikawamura.com/ (Official Web Site)
http://www.myspace.com/maikawamuranyc (Official MySpace Page)

Once again, thank you, Mai, for taking the time to talk to Samurai Beat Radio!

Coming up will be a review of Japan Society’s Student Anime Screening & Discussion with Anime Scriptwriter Dai Sato event. See ya soon!

                                                                                                                                                        – Tony Yao


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