Gothic Lolita clothing now on sale in Kinokuniya Bookstore!


Who’s a Gothic Lolita Fashion lover!?!?

Kinokuniya Bookstore
has sold famous Japanese Gothic Lolita label clothings such as
“Angelic Pretty”, ”Metamorphose”,
” Victorian Maiden”
and “ Visible” at Otakon in Baltimore.

Here’s great news for New Yorkers!!

A variety of Gothic Lolita clothing is now on sale at New York Kinokuniya Bookstore!!!

All merchandise is limited, so you should hurry up before supplies last!

Here are some pix from Otakon


★Angelic Pretty★


★Victorian maiden★


Many Gothic Lolitas kept coming

Girls were so CUTE!!

They enjoyed shopping!

Don’t forget, this merchandise is now on sale at Kinokuniya Bookstore!
Not only clothes, you can also find other cute items such as socks, bags, and accessories.



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