Artist/Concert Review: Uzuhi

Hey Japanese music fans, I just want to let you all know about a great Japanese punk rock band that I discovered last month called Uzuhi.They are a New York-based underground band that has gained quite a following and are looking to reach even greater heights with their concept of “Music Has No Borders”. Uzuhi means “The Sun” in Japanese,which relates to their idea that their music is focused towards the world like how the sun shines on the world. Uzuhi consists of Gosha(Vocals), Katsuragi (Guitar), Tsubasa (Keyboards), and Shu (Drums). 

I had the pleasure of going to Uzuhi’s 2nd Album Release Party at Santos Party House in Manhattan this past weekend. I was already familiar with some of their songs through YouTube and their official MySpace, but this was the first time seeing them live.And wow, did they not disappoint with their addictive brand of punk rock.


Uzuhi started off their performance by premiering their first-ever music video for the self-titled song, “UZUHI”. The video was made at Coney Island and I must say, it was a cute and hilarious video to watch. The song is a great mix of hard rock and feel-good vocals. The video matches the song, so huge props to Wei Ling Chang for directing the video.


After the video, Uzuhi started to play by performing “UZUHI” live. They also performed their other hit songs, such as “Boy”, “This Is Our Generation”, and “S.O.S. (Simplicity of Satisfaction)”. Gosha displayed his charismatic aura and got the crowd going. The energy he gives off is amazing. Gosha really makes you want to get up, dance, party, and feel awesome overall. He even went into the crowd to start a small mosh pit. Gosha’s passion on stage is one reason why the band has amassed a good number of fans. The other reason is that the other band members compliment Gosha pretty well, especially Tsubasa. Her keyboard skills are phenomenal. The variety of sounds she uses, from piano to Asian string instruments, takes Uzuhi to a even higher level. I found myself pretending to be Tsubasa and hitting imaginary keys during their performance. Her presence in the band, along with Gosha’s, created a completely engrossing & very lively experience for the audience.


Overall, Uzuhi’s live performance was really amazing and even better than just listening to their albums. The vibe they gave off was overwhelmingly exciting and full of enthusiasm. After their performance, I felt refreshed, hyper, and ready to take on anything that comes my way. I guarantee you will feel the same way after checking them out. This is one of the few punk rock bands that likes to experiment with different types of music, so you should give them a listen. Gosha is truly a one-of-a-kind MC & singer. Uzuhi is a bright spot in the underground music scene and one that should continue to shine over the world with joy & happiness.

You can check Uzuhi out at the following link: (Official MySpace Page)

You can see the music video for “UZUHI” below.

UZUHI – music video from Wei Ling Chang on Vimeo.

All text & photos were provided by Tony Yao.

                                                                                                                                                                                             -Tony Yao


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