UrumaDelvi & Anime/Manga Creators’ Day

Hey there, once again, Japanese culture enthusiasts! SBR recently appeared at Kinokuniya Bookstore for Anime/Manga Creators’ Day and to interview the very talented & critically-acclaimed animation creator duo, UrumaDelvi!

A variety of special guests appeared to join the event, including Team USA for World Cosplay Summit 2009, Misako Rocks!, Veronica Taylor, and Jose Velasco! The event had a great turnout and SBR had a blast at the event!


Elizabeth Licata & India Davis
(Team USA 2009) stopped by to talk to fans before they leave off to Japan for the World Cosplay Summit. They talked about what skit they have planned for the event, their costumes, and other cosplay-related topics.


Misako Rocks! talked about how she grew up drawing and how she wanted to come to America. She showcased her artwork for all the fans to see.


Veronica Taylor, a very popular voice actress known for her role as Ash Ketchum on Pokemon, appeared to help provide life to Misako’s drawings with voiceovers. She even got fans to come up and do voiceovers for Misako’s drawings as well.


Jose Velasco showed up to talk about storyboard work. For those who don’t know, Velasco is an animator who’s worked on a variety of cartoons, including TV Funhouse, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He gave everyone a bio of himself, a trailer of his works, and promoted a manga that he himself created, called Tristan.


Delvi, of UrumaDelvi, graced SBR & the fans with her presence. UrumaDelvi is a animation duo, made up of Uruma (who couldn’t make the event due to illness) and Delvi, that has taken Japan by storm with their hit cartoons appearing on major Japanese TV stations. A set of their cartoons were shown at Japan Society earlier this month. Their most notable cartoon, “Oshirikajirimushi”, is a hit among children in Japan. UrumaDelvi was responsible for all creative aspects of the cartoon. Since then, they have created other cartoons & expanded into other media outlets. UrumaDelvi received the title of “Super Creator” from the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry.

SBR spoke to Delvi about her works, the software she uses for animations, coming to New York, the UrumaDelvi website, and even got her to demonstrate her software. Fans got to join in the festivities as well!


SBR would like to thank Kinokuniya, Delvi, Misako Rocks!, Veronica Taylor, Jose Velasco, Team USA, and you, the fans, for making Anime/Manga Creators’ Day a great success!

Stay tuned for our podcast with Delvi!

You can check out UrumaDelvi’s works at www.urumadelvi.com. There’s lots of content for everyone to see, so be sure to stop by and visit!

See you soon!


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