Artist Feature: BECCA

SBR is back with another feature artist that will also be appearing at Otakon, BECCA!
BECCA is an American singer/songwriter who’s gaining a popular following across Japan and her U.S debut single, “I’m ALIVE!”, will be released on July 14th before her appearance at Otakon.

She has been into music ever since she was 2 years old and she was noticed by the popular artist, Meredith Brooks. Brooks helped write and record songs with Becca in Los Angeles. Becca performed all across the West Coast until she scored a record deal with Sony Music in late 2007. In June 2008, Becca released her first EP in Japan.

Afterwards, she began performing all over Japan, released a second EP, and had her first full album, “Alive!!” debut at #2 on the Japanese international charts. Critics have applauded her as a one-of-a-kind international singer fused with J-pop sounds. Becca is also the only international star to rank in the top 100 of Japan’s overall singles charts, thanks to songs like “I’m Alive!” and “Guilty Pleasure”. “Guilty Pleasure” was the anime opening to Ultraviolet: Code 44 while “I’m Alive!” was the anime ending to Kuroshitsuji.

You can check out her official site at:
Her official MySpace page is at:

Be sure to give her single a listen and watch for her appearance at Otakon! See ya next time!


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