Artist Feature: Kanon Wakeshima

Hey, J-Pop fans! SBR would like to introduce you guys to a special & very talented artist named Kanon Wakeshima! Her debut album “Shinshoku Dolce” was released in the U.S. on June 30, 2009 and she will making an appearance at Otakon later this month!

Wakeshima is known as a “cello vocalist”, mixing baroque cello, strong vocals, and electronic arrangements. She has been playing the cello ever since she was 3 years old and has received praise from fans & critics alike. Wakeshima won an audition in early 2008 and had her major debut under Sony Music Japan.

With help from her producer, Mana (formerly of the visual-kei band Malice Mizer), her first single, “Still Doll”, became a hit and was used as the ending theme for the anime series, Vampire Knight.

Not only is she popular in Japan, but Wakeshima is also popular in Europe. where she made a recent appearance at a French music store. We hope you give Kanon Wakeshima a listen because she sounds really great. Besides, she’s a cute gothic lolita girl who can rock with the cello. How awesome is that! Be sure to check her out at Otakon and buy her album!

You can check out her official website at:
Her official MySpace page is at
Wakeshima is also featured on, a music site dedicated to visual-kei.
For more information on Otakon, you can go to

See you next time!


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