♪Podcast: Kalafina Q&A

Hello again, SBR is back with some Kalafina goodness!
Back on Anime Day at Kinokuniya Bookstore,
SBR handed out surveys to the audience with questions regarding Kalafina.
We also gave them a chance to ask questions to Kalafina directly on the surveys. 
SBR caught up with Kalafina during Anime Boston this past May & they answered your questions!
So, without further ado, here’s the Q&A Session with Kalafina and their producer,Yuki Kajiura!
Please enjoy listening to the podcast! Below is the translation of the Q&A.

Kalafina: Hi, Samurai Beat Radio listeners! We are Kalafina!
Yuki Kajiura: I’m Yuki Kajiura!
K: We are going to answer the questions you gave us on NY Anime Day at Kinokuniya Bookstore through SBR.

Q. How did you start to produce Kalafina?

Y.K: First, I got the offer to create music for “Kara no Kyoukai”,
so I held many auditions to find the right singers, then I chose these members.
Kalafina had started at that moment.

Q. What gives you inspiration for music?

Y.K: I’m not given any inspiration from music or movies because those already have sound.
I like reading; I’m given inspirations from books and paintings, which have no sound.

Q. How did you start singing?

Wakana: It happened to me when I was still in kindergarten.
When we were singing in school my voice was always louder than other kids.
So my teacher praised me. I think it made me like singing.

Keiko: I always wanted to be a singer who can dance too.

Hikaru: I had aimed to become a singer since I was three.

Q. Does every member sing the lead vocal?

W: Yes, we do. For example, I sang the lead in “Ongaku”.

H: Yes, I sang the lead in “Sprinter”.

Ke: I sang “Oblivious”. Kajiura-san creates songs for each of our image.

Q. What do you think about the U.S.?

H: The U.S. is my first foreign country; the sky is very high and large!

Ke: Boston’s clam chowder is very good!

W: For me, the U.S. is like a dream world. I want to come back again!

Y.K: I think each part of the U.S. has different people and cultures,
so I would like to visit again and get to know more about the U.S.

K: We released our new album “Seventh Heaven” on May 12th in the U.S.
Check it out!! You are listening to Samurai Beat Radio!

Pictures from their appearance & performance at Anime Boston

SBR would like to thank Kalafina & Yuki Kaijura for taking the time to speak to us and answering the fans’ questions!
See you next time, J-Pop fans!


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