♪Podcast:Interview with Orange Pekoe in Japan Day

We had an interview with Orange Pekoe
before they started their performance at Japan Day.
If you joined the Japan Day, you must know how  great they are!
Check this out!!

Here’s a translation of Orange Pekoe’s interview:

Tomoko: I’m Tomoko Nakajima from Orange Pekoe, I come to Japan Day in Central Park NYC.

Kazuma: I’m Kazuma Fujimoto, guitarist.

Megumi: Thank you for having an interview with us. Could you explain about today’s event to the audiences who couldn’t be here?

T: Well, there is “Bon Odori”in the center of NYC! People enjoy nostalgic Japanese culture like “Yo-Yo-“.

K: There is something distinctive in the atmosphere. I actually came here yesterday, and it was just Central Park. But today it feels different. It feels like I’m in Japan, yet it’s still Central Park.

M: I know. The funny thing is some people who are dancing “Bon Odori” are not Japanese.

K: Yeah, that’s so funny!

T: I’m so happy to see everyone enjoying Japanese culture!

M: And there are some cosplayers too.

K: I noticed Japanese animation has a big influence in the U.S.

M: Is there anything surprising for you today?

T: Yes, I’m surprised that so many people are here!

K: I’m surprised about how big Central Park is.

M: This year is the 10th anniversary of Orange Pekoe and is also the first time you are performing in NYC, right?

T: Yes, this is also our first time visiting NYC as well.

M: How do you feel about having your first concert in NYC?

T: When it was settled, I couldn’t believe it. But now I can’t wait to perform.

M: How do you think about the music in NYC?

K: I’ve been a long time listener of music from NYC, so it’s my yearning.

T: I love Stevie Wonder! I went to the Apollo Theater yesterday, and listened to gospel music.  Oh, I love John Lennon also! NYC is the root of some of my favorite artists. When I arrived here I noticed NYC was a melting pot. I’m happy to perform in NYC.

M: Do you have any plans for today’s concert?

T: Basically we create our own Japanese songs, in which we will be performing them today. Moreover, I’ve been listening to songs in English and other languages. I believe music rises above language. I would like audiences to feel something through our music today.

K: Yeah, like she said, I love foreign language music, so I hope our music will be favorite music for foreigner.

M: What would you like to tell to fans in Japan?

T: NYC is a very nice place. I like Japan but if you haven’t been here, you should come visit NYC.

K: I have been in NYC for only 3days, but I think people in NYC seem happy and I like this freedom atmosphere.

M: Do you think this experience influences you and your music?

T: Absolutely! I want to create music more freely, and I want to visit NYC again.

K: I’m looking forward to seeing how it will affect my music.

M: Do you have any message to NYC audiences?

T&K: Please open your mind and feel something from our music. Thank you.

We will update the Japan Day concert pictures soon!

Photo: Romi Uchikawa


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