♪Podcast:Interview with Ai Kawashima in Japan Day

How is everyone doing? Hope you all had fun at Japan Day!
Ai Kawashima‘s performance @ Japan Day was awesome!
We had an interview with Ai after she finished her performance.
 Be sure to check out Ai’s interview with SBR.

Here’s a translation of Ai’s interview:

Megumi: Ai-chan, your performance was great today!

Ai: Thank you. I was looking forward to performing at Japan Day. The audiences were very warm, and made my day great.

M: What would you like to tell to your fans that couldn’t make it to Japan Day?

A: Well, it was magnificent and I sung with full of energy. I’m looking forward to seeing my fans in Japan and I think I can sing as good as today.

M: How do you feel about so many American audiences who came to see your performance today?

A: I’m so happy. I think Japan Day acts as a go-between for Japan and U.S. I want this event to keep going every year and I’m glad to be a part of this event.

M: Even though the audiences may not fully understand the lyrics, they were listening to your songs very seriously. Would you like to perform in U.S. again?

A: Of course, but I need to learn English more.

M: Your English MC was pretty good!

A: Thank you, I have been practicing a lot.

M: Is there any differences between performing in Japan and in U.S.?

A: It’s different. I feel there is a different kind of tension before a performance in Japan compared to the U.S.; and I can’t tell how U.S. audience reacts because of the language.

M: Do Japanese audiences and U.S. audiences like the same the songs or not?

A: They react differently; U.S. audiences are friendlier.

M: Do you think language could be an obstacle?

A: I don’t think so. If I try hard enough, I think I can overcome it. Music could be a form of language that connects people of different backgrounds.

M: What is a challenge for you to being a Japanese artist in a foreign country?

A: I think I need more energy to bring my music to foreign audiences.

M: You already started to build the sixth school, right?

A: Yes.

M: Is there any differences between giving this kind of message from Japan and from U.S.?

A: Yes, NYC is the center of the world, so I feel like I have to be more responsible. In Japan, some people think in a negative way about volunteer work, but I think U.S. people accept volunteer work positively. I want to build one school in one year. I would be happy if someone starts to volunteer as result from listening to my message.

M: What would you like to say to NYC audiences?

A: Well…I’m still a newcomer in U.S., so I want to learn English. Then I want to send more messages to U.S. fans and I want to visit NYC often with my music.

M: Thank you very much.

A: Thank you.

We will update the Japan Day concert pictures very soon!

Photo: Romi Uchikawa


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