“HYDE Fan Worship” Podcast: Part I

Greetings once again from SBR!

SBR recently introduced fans to the immensely popular Japanese rock band, VAMPS,
during Super Para-Natural Manga Day at Kinokuniya
For those who don’t know,
VAMPS is a new band formed by HYDE of L’Arc~en~Ciel & K.A.Z of Oblivion Dust.
They made themselves known through their “VAMPS Live 2008” tour all across Japan.
Now, they are hitting overseas here in America with the “VAMPS Live 2009 U.S.A. Tour”,
beginning on July 11 through August 1.

SBR got a chance to interview fans about their love for VAMPS & HYDE.

Our host, Megumi, ready to teach VAMPS 101 to the audience.


Female fans confessing their love for HYDE.

Male fans love HYDE too. :]

The fan above is quite possibly one of the biggest VAMPS & HYDE fans out there.
Listen to the podcast and find out why.

Even cosplayers love HYDE & VAMPS! :]

Stick around for Part II of our “HYDE Fan Worship” Podcast coming up shortly!


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