♪Podcast: May 2nd Sakura Matsuri Broadcast (Part IV – Uncle Yo)

Mina-san, genki desu ka?
Here we are with the final part of the podcast!

Our last guest for the Sakura Matsuri broadcast was none other than possibly
the geekiest stand-up comedian ever, Uncle Yo!
After performing his big stand-up bit earlier in the day, he sat down with our host, Megumi,
to talk about a variety of topics such as the origin of his stage name, his love of Japanese pop culture,
his favorite anime series (which happens to be a classic, Cowboy Bebop),
and even gave a look to our host. No, seriously. :]

Uncle Yo enlightening the audience with one of his funny life stories.

Fans asked Uncle Yo a variety of questions.

Uncle Yo…trying to flirt with Ai Kawashima, perhaps? :]

And that wraps up our podcasts from Sakura Matsuri.

SBR would like to thank Uncle Yo, Ai Kawashima,
Misako Rocks!, India Davis, & Elizabeth Licata

for being wonderful guests on the broadcast.
We would also like to thank the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for having
such a wonderful event like Sakura Matsuri. 

More importantly, SBR would like to thank you, the fans, for coming to see our broadcast!
We hope to see you again next year!

Photo: Romi Uchikawa


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