♪Podcast: May 2nd Sakura Matsuri Broadcast (Part III – Ai Kawashima)

What’s up, J-Pop fans!?
is back again with the third part of our Sakura Matsuri podcast!

Ai Kawashima stopped by the SBR broadcast before her big performance later that day!
once again introduced Ai to the audience and talked to her about her life experiences,
music influences (she listens to Billy Joel!), and her charity work.
spoke about the meaning behind her latest single
 “Daijobu Dayo (It’s OK)  大丈夫だよ”.
Overall, it was a great experience for both Ai and the audience to get to know her!

Ai brings her enthusiasm and radiance to the show.

Fans were excited to see Ai Kawashima in person.


They even got a chance to do Q&A with Ai personally!

We hope to see you again soon, Ai-chan!

Coming up, SBR gets serious………SERIOUSLY hilarious with
the otaku-based humor of Uncle Yo!

You can watch the official video for “Daijobu Dayo (It’s OK)  大丈夫だよ” below.

In addition, one of the Ai’s Japanese fan site “Kikuno blog” introduced SBR blog!
It has so many informations of Ai!
If you want to know about Ai, you should visit here.

Photo: Romi Uchikawa


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