♪Podcast: May 2nd Sakura Matsuri Broadcast (Part I – Team USA Cosplayers)

Hello once again, J-pop fans!

This past May 2nd, Samurai Beat Radio was at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden
 for Sakura Matsuri.

 We did a radio broadcast at the Sakura J-Lounge in the Osbourne Garden.
It was a huge success!
Many cosplayers came and gathered for a big photo shoot.
Let’s not forget special appearances by celebrities,
such as Ai Kawashima, Misako Rocks and Uncle Yo

SBR got a chance to speak to a variety of guests,
beginning with the two people representing Team USA 2009
at the World Cosplay Summit,
India Davis and Elizabeth Licata.

India & Elizabeth greeting Japanese listeners and the audience at the Garden.

The duo answering questions from our host, Megumi.


Members of the audience even got a chance to do Q&A with India & Elizabeth.

Stay tuned, because coming up next, Misako Rocks the broadcast!


Photo: Romi Uchikawa


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