Recommended Artist: Nightmare (ナイトメア)

I’ve been listening to this band for about 2 years now and they never cease to amaze me.

Even though they are of the visual kei genre, their sound certainly isn’t. They have a mix of pop, rock, heavy metal, bossa nova, techno, jazz, and just about everything in between changing and catchy rhythms and guitar riffs. They are a band you should be listening to.

The band members are (from left to right) are 咲人 (Sakito ) on guitar, Ni~ya on bass, the vocalist YOMI, RUKA on drums and (Hitsugi) on guitar.

For those who are fans of anime, this is the band who did “the WORLD” and “Alumina“, the intro and ending theme song to the series “Death Note” in the first 24 episodes or so, respectively (after that was MAXIMUM THE HORMONE, but that’s for another entry). They also did the intro theme to “Claymore” titled “Raison d’etre“, the intro theme to “Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro” (Demon Detective Neuro Nougami) with their song “DIRTY,” and the intro and ending songs to “Moryou no Hako” with “Lost in Blue” and “NAKED LOVE.”

I make this entry today because this is also the day their 6th original studio album, “majestical parade”, is released. I’m currently waiting impatiently for my copy of their album to arrive in the mail. I also found out they have recently opened their MySpace and have a street team in the U.S.

This is their latest song, MELODY. It was available for a direct download in Japan and is on their latest album. So far, my favorite from “majestical parade” is  “can you do it?” The lyrics are as strong as the melody goes with it. It’s simply a “rock out to relieve stress” kind of song.

Call it a promo for them or whatever you like, but if this entry has quelled your interest, go check them out.


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