Ai Kawashima’s Appearance on May 1st and 2nd

Only about a week left before May 1st,

and then you’ll get to see Ai Kawashima in NY!

May 1st
Kinokuniya Bookstore,
5:30 PM

 Ai will be appearing to greet all her fans.
Also, don’t forget at 4PM Kinokuniya: screening of
“One Piece The Desert Princess & the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta,”
with Ai’s original theme song
and voice in the character role of “Mayday”!!!

May 2nd
@ Sakura Matsuri, Brooklyn Botanical Garden.
5:15 – 6:00 PM

Ai performing live on the CHERRY ESPLANADE STAGE!

Sakura Matsuri in Washington DC

I went to DC to join Sakura Matsuri @ April 4th.

I took some pics of cosplayers,

and of course I saw Ai Kawashima ‘s stage!

Take a look @ the pics below!


There was a HUUUUUUGGGEEE crowd for the Sakura Matsuri!

Some cosplayers appeared on the stage and showed their costumes.

These girls were wearing Goth-loli dresses like Harajuku Girls.

 Ai sang “Simple Treasure” which is English version of “Kakera”.

Her stage was simply good!

After the stage, she signed autographs and took pictures with fans.

I think she made big crowd happy!

*Ai is coming to Kinokuniya Bookstore @ May 1st
 also the Sakura Matsuri in Brooklyn Botanic Garden @ May 2nd.

 Make sure you are ready for chance to see her!!

Photo & Text : Romi Uchikawa