Anime Day @ Kinokuniya Bookstore March 15

Come see us at

Anime Day @ Kinokuniya Bookstore
Sunday, March 15

SBR event start @ 4PM Introduces Ai Kawashima.
Samurai Beat Radio comes
to Kinokuniya to introduce fans to one of the rising stars of Japanese
— Ai Kawashima.
Ai is a J-Pop star with six top-10 singles,
a best-selling autobiography, and a part in One Piece.
She’s making her
US debut later this spring, but before she gets here,
Samurai Beat
Radio is giving you a chance to get to know her.
Samurai Beat Radio
will lead a presentation featuring her music and a video greeting made
for Kinokuniya and you!
Plus, Samurai Beat Radio will
reveal where you’ll see Ai very, very soon!

Click here for more info

Also, we will update a special announcement very soon!
Don’t miss it!!


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