Anime Day Pix

Thank you for coming!!!

Samurai Beat Radio held an Anime Day

at Kinokuniya Bookstore, March 15.

If you missed this event, don’t worry!

Here is the pictures from the event !!


There was a long line before the store opened…wow!

Many people came and joined our event, thank you!!

Megumi introduced Ai Kawashima & Kalafina

We watched Ai Kawashima’s exclusive message!

Ai’s fan talked about the reason why she likes Ai.

She got Ai’s single CD “Kakera”.

More pix are here, check yo’ selves !!


Photo & Text : Romi Uchikawa

♪Podcast: Cary Nemeroff

We had an interview with
Cary Nemeroff, Master of Samurai Sword!!

Check this out!!

Cary Nemeroff has earned 10th degree black belts in a variety of martial arts,
including iai-jutsu and ken-jutsu.
He conducts an extensive program of material arts classes for children with physical and cognitive challenges such as autism
 —at the JCC of Manhattan, a state of the art fitness and cultural facility.
He has earned a BA in philosophy from New York University as well as an MA in education from Teacher’s College,
Columbia University.