New Year’s Eve in Japan

New Year’s Eve in Japan= O-misoka.

What Japanese people do on this day??
I let you know!

*clean up the house=means kind of GOOD RIDDANCE.
“Bye-bye dusty dust!”

*prepare food for New Year called OSECHI
“I love my mom’s KURO-MAME!!”

* Watch “KOHAKU-UTA-GASSEN”(“Red and White Song Battle”)
    This year’s artists (in Japanese) NHK KOHAKU-UTA-GASSEN
    “There are lot of music award shows end of year in Japan”

* Eat noodle called TOSHI-KOSHI-SOBA means “year-crossing soba”
“I love my granny’s hand-made soba.”

* At about midnight, head to temple to bell “JYOYA NO KANE”
“I used to take a nap for stay up late that day when I was a kid.”

And,,,  welcome the New Year!!



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