Long Long Winter Night…

Hi all!  How was your Christmas?
What did you get for your Christmas Presents?

By the way, how do you enjoy long winter night?
As for me, I always watch online videos (or read online Manga)

Do you like Japanese Comedy Shows?
I know American humors are quite different from Japanese humors.
But, Check this video,
Gaki No Tsukai – Haunted Hotel
What? You say you wouldn’t understand what they are talking??
Don’t worry, this is with English Sub.
well, you don’t really need to understand what they are saying.
These comedians’ reactions are just HILARIOUS!

For those, who want to know more about
Japanese Underground and Pop Culture
I recommend this BBC show called JAPANORAMA.
This is one of the best shows to know interesting parts of Japanese culture.
You can watch and/or download the episodes from Google Video or Veoh.com

As for the Late Night Snack,
I found Doritos Gourmet at Japanese store named Family Market in Astoria.

the taste???  If I didn’t know this is fried chicken, I wouldn’t tell what it was.
Nonetheless, this is YUMMY!

Enjoy the Long Long Winter Night!

yukie (-_-)V


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