Natto for adults

Hi haters!
I know many NATTO haters out there..

But I can’t stop lovin’ this…


OTONO NO=for adults
FURIKAKE=any dry Japanese condiment meant to be sprinkled on top of rice.

I translate “OTONA NO FURIKAKE” as “Rice seasoning for adults”.

WHY “for adults”?
I guess…
many children dislike plane white rice because “no taste” but FURIKAKE which has flavor helps those children to eat more rice!
So, many people tend to think that FURIKAKE is for children….
However, NAGATANI-EN didn’t think so and invented new FURIKAKE with flavors that adults love!
Flavors are UNI(Sea Urchin), HON-KATSUO(Japanese Bonito), WASABI etc…
mmm GENIUS!!
Especially, I love NATTO flavor!

Try it!! ( If you like NATTO..)

↓ He loves NATTO!!

Merry Christmas!!



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