♪PODCAST : Quaff Interview

We had an interview with Quaff
Check this out!!!

The main characteristic of Quaff lies in the twin-vocal style of “uta”(melody) and “tsuzuri” (rap)
– a rock band with a heavy emphasis on the very essence of being Japanese. 
Quaff expresses themselves by their melody and lyrics,
which are expressed by beauty of Japanese language
They try to convey human emotion, vision, and hart of music into a form of art and strong will.
Their songs are without any boundaries, and aiming global, true, and pure art. 
Their performance is well known for its entrapment.

Hello Everyone! We Are the Quaff from JAPAN!
Guiter-Makito, Base-Shinngo, Guiter-Takuma, Drams-Haruhiko, Tuzuri-Ukisemi, Vocal-Seiya

Quaff means
To swallow. We want to swallow the world with our music!

We’ve done eight shows and today it is the ninth time
The first show in America was in Atlanta. Drunken Unicorn.

What’s different from Japanese audience?
The US audiences are really pure and really interested in everything! They are really open for anything!!

The most memorable show?
San Antonio, Texas!  After the show, so many audiences came to us for autographs and pictures. 
This made us really happy and gave us a confidence in touring in the US!

Why we tour in US?
When the band formed and we told each other our own dreams, we all agreed that we want to go abroad.
We were saying how it would be great if we can go abroad with our band.
Really, America has been great and I’m thinking I could even live here so I guess when people ask us
why we tour in America, it’s because there is America.

What’s changed with the experience in US tour?
I am a little more fluent in English
(everyone)  -laugh-  yeah, just a little bit. 
Except Haruhiko, we don’t speak much of English.  But, since all of the US audiences were so pure and that made us all wanted to communicate with them from ourselves!  We want to learn more English for the next time we tour in the US!

Thank you!  We are the quaff from japan!!


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