♪PODCAST : BakuBeni Interview

We had an interview with BakuBeni @ NYAF 08
Check this out!!!

is an unstoppable explosion of Japanese punk.
Throwing forth unapologetic sounds and a vicious yankii stage show,
they’re a musical force of nature dedicated to what they call “Ikizama Rock”.
“Ikizama” means “Way of Life”, and what’s exactly what BakuBeni’s music is.
To BakuBeni, music is life.

Hi, we are Bakubeni.  I’m Reira, Soucho, I’m Taiga, Guiter.  I’m Kozaken, Drums.  I’m Thunder, base.

Origin of the band’s name is 

Baku=explode Beni=red. 

This is the first time touring in the US. The impression of U.S. audience 
Tough and powerful, honest, and very pure! And they are tough from the beginning of a show to the end!!
The first live was in Texas.  

Reira      : We were so nervous!! We don’t speak much of English, and thought a lot about
                  how to communicate with audience through our music and how we can perform
                  to express our rock spirits.

The memorable experience is

Thunder : By mistake, I took someone else’s luggage from the airport. 
                   When we arrived at the hotel, I realized “oh, it’s not mine”. I went back next day and got mine safely.
Reira       : My leg was caught in the gap on stage during a show in Knoxville.
                   I hit a microphone by my chin pretty bad. Everyday, I got new bruise. 
                   But this means, every show was very exciting and audiences were so powerful!
Taiga      : Everyday, someone offers me a shot, and I feel bad to decline. 
                   But I only get one shot and say “no thank you” –laugh-

First thing I saw in NY
I heart NY t-shirts!  I was like “wow, they are really sold in NY!”  

What was your favorite show among in US tour? 
We enjoy the show more at a small venue.  The atmosphere in those small venues is very intense! 
But depending on the cities, the atmosphere is different. 

The artists you get influenced by
Reira       : Jannes Joplin, Cindy Lauper, Nirvana, Sex Pistols.  
Taiga       : Sex Pistols, Robert Johnson.
Kozaken : Motley Crew, Tommy Lee.  
Thunder  : Pearl Jam, Sound Garden.
Why tour in US?
Reira      : We were thinking what we should do to expand our experience and improve ourselves.
                   by chance, we get a invite from an organizer for the event relating to NYAF.
                   We wanted to challenge how much we can show our rock spirits in the US.  
Taiga      : I came US to prove that music is world’s common language!!
Have you changed during this US tour?
Reira      : We were like “gee, we underestimated how powerful audiences in the US are!!”
                   We had a confidence in our performance since he had many shows in Japan. 
                   But US audiences were so much tougher, and powerful! 
                   They are more willing to interact with us during a show compared to Japanese audiences. 
                   So we change the style of our show so that they can participate and interact with us even
                   by our not-so-perfect-English… Every show, we learn something new from the audience.