Noragami – A Stray That Found a Shrine in America

Noragami Volume 1 cover.

In New York, publishing is a god here. There are many publishers who call the Big Apple their home and conduct business here on a daily basis. That being said manga publishers are no exception. This year at New York Comic-Con, there was a larger emphasis put on comics, especially manga. While Masashi Kishimoto of Naruto fame drew a lot of attention with multiple appearances in New York City leading to NYCC, Kodansha Comics continued to show off their plans for this decade’s giant hit (pun intended), Attack on Titan. They also brought attention to a manga series that’s become a surprise hit for them since its debut in the United States.

Adachitoka’s Noragami: Stray God debuted in America last year in print and the anime was streamed before the manga’s release on FUNimation. The 1st volume of the manga sold very well and surpassed sales expectations for Kodansha. This year, Kodansha brought the series’ editor, Yohei Takami, to New York Comic-Con for their panel and an autograph session at FUNimation’s booth. Noragami is a title that cleverly brings the world of Japanese mythology to a modern urban setting and makes gods feel more human than anything else.

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It’s Official! Geeks OUT Announces: FLAME CON 2: 2 FIERCE 2 FABULOUS!

You’ve seen the teasers, the meme posters, today Geek OUT made it official  announcing the return of FLAME CON, New York City’s premier LGBTQ+ Comic Con!

FLAME CON 2: 2 FIERCE 2 FABULOUS will heat up Brooklyn again in 2016, expanding to two days — Saturday, August 20th and Sunday, August 21st at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott.

First held in June of 2015, FLAME CON brought together the queer fan community on an unprecedented scale. Drawing over 2,200 visitors to the one-day convention, FLAME CON was the largest queer-focused pop culture expo ever held in New York. Over one hundred creators and media favorites exhibited their talents, while fans and attendees brought fantastic energy to the event, all eager to be part of a comic convention catering especially to queer tastes in comics, games, books, art, and entertainment.  In New York City, #FlameCon trended on Twitter for five solid hours, and the event received glowing reviews from io9, The Mary Sue, Comic Book Resources, and more, all applauding the tremendous convergence of diversity, positivity and creativity.

FLAME CON 2 will expand to a larger venue, adding a second day to accommodate more exciting guests, more outrageous performances, more engaging panel discussions, and of course, more fantastic cosplay!

Special guests already on the FLAME CON 2 roster include:

Cecil Baldwin, voice of the hit podcast Welcome to Night Vale

Marguerite Bennett, writer of A-Force, Years of Future Past, Bombshells, Batgirl, and Batman and more

Terry Blas, creator of the You Say Latino mini comic, the Briar Hollow webcomic, and cover artist on Bravest Warriors, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball and Adventure Time

Aimee Fleck, Lumberjanes artist, Adventure Time: Banana Guard Academy cover artist, and creator of the fashion comic Damn, Girl That Style Is Fat

Phil Jimenez, superstar writer-artist on Wonder Woman, Justice League, New X-Men, Fairest, The Invisibles, and numerous other comics

Jay Justice, costumer, cosplayer, gamer, writer, actress and activist

James Tynion IV, writer of Constantine: The Hellblazer, The Woods, and Mimetic

Kevin Wada, comics couture sensation and cover illustrator on She-Hulk and Catwoman

Max Wittert, fashion illustrator and creator of the comic Skinny Girls, as well as the hit webcomic Jean & Scott featured in All-New X-Men

Jennie Wood, creator of the graphic novel series Flutter and the YA novel A Boy Like Me

FLAME CON 2 tickets are now available at

Follow: @flamecon on Twitter, and on Facebook at

Official Hashtag: #FlameCon2